Our Process

Our staffing process delivers.

Élan Partners has invested significant capital and training in processes that enable us to track, manage, and report on the performance of our business processes.

In the ever-changing staffing environment, our clients demand the highest-quality delivery, strict monitoring, and ongoing reporting of agreed-upon metrics and standards. Our recruiting and HR systems are used to track individual contractor performance from contract to contract and client to client. This allows us to identify both the star performers as well as the development needs in individual contractors and full-time staff.

Élan Partners is in contact with clients on a regular basis to review our performance in fulfilling staff requirements as well as project deadlines. This performance review includes metrics on quality of staff (ratio of staff profiles submitted vs. client acceptance). Our overall business process for gathering candidate requirements; locating, screening, and assessing candidates; and presenting them to clients is described below.


A 10-Stage Process That Works

Élan Partners uses a structured, 10-stage recruiting methodology to identify and screen technical consultants. This assures we are finding high-quality consultants to fit our clients’ needs. This methodology has been developed and refined over decades of combined experience of providing and placing skilled technical resources. It consists of a variety of work steps that we manage and execute through our recruiting systems and professionals.

Client Requirement Definition

Our account managers work directly with the hiring manager to get a clear understanding of the project, technical expertise, duties, and interpersonal skill level that each specific position requires.

Candidate Sourcing

Our recruiters search our internal candidate database, internet, and extensive referral network to source candidates matching the client requirements. This is based on the candidate’s technical skills, level of expertise, desired job location, and compensation requirements.

Behavioral Screening

Recruiting professionals screen each candidate, discussing more detailed information about the candidate’s depth and level of technical expertise, as well as how current the candidate is with each required skill. Recruiters also ask in-depth questions to assess the candidate’s fit for the client requirements, including soft skills, educational background, compensation, availability, and locations.

Reference Checking

We request two to three references from past supervisors to verify the performance on a project. The reference includes technical skills, communication skills, behavioral skills, and overall performance.

Technical Evaluation

We can schedule a technical assessment of the candidate’s skill levels if requested by using one of the leading technical evaluation tools in that industry.

Candidate’s Resume

We update the candidate’s resume with current employment information and a current technical assessment of the candidate’s skills.

Presentation of Resume

Our account manager is responsible for screening candidates presented by the recruiting team to verify that there is a match before forwarding any resume to the client. The account manager presents the best two to four candidates who match the project specifications and follows up with the client to verify the correct match has been made; if not, our requirements are adjusted.

Interview and Preparation

Our account manager will arrange for a phone, video, or in-person interview with the candidate. Then, the account manager meets with the candidate to prepare them for the interview and provide them a complete description of the client’s requirements and environment.

Candidate Selection and Hiring

After the selection has been made, we complete the necessary paperwork for the candidate to become an Élan Partners contractor or work with the client through their employee onboarding process to prepare the candidate for a direct-hire placement.

Consultant Support

After the consultant is assigned to a client, our resource manager and/or the account manager provides ongoing support to assure that the client and consultant are satisfied with the results. The quality, productivity, and fit for the client’s needs are verified through periodic performance reviews.

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